Welcome to Deca Energy

Deca Energy is an energy marketer based in Washington, DC. We provide natural gas for residential customers in the Washington Gas service territory of Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Our customized Comfort Zone service plans allow our customers to receive all of their natural gas for a flat monthly fee for one or two years. All-inclusive price covers commodity, distribution, balancing, and all taxes. The monthly payments stay the same regardless of the amount of gas used.

No more unpredictable Washington Gas bills! Pay a flat monthly price for your natural gas just like you pay for cable TV or internet. Your price is customized to your account. The unique price is based on your personal load profile and energy market expectations.

Deca Energy is an independent energy marketer regulated by state utility commissions and local utilities like Washington Gas. Deca Energy works in close cooperation with Washington Gas. Deca Energy is an approved Washington Gas Customer Choice supplier in Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Deca Energy strives to be an environmentally sustainable energy company. Through its participation in the tree planting programs of the National Forest Foundation, a non-profit organization chartered by the US Congress to maintain the health and diversity of the nation's forests, Deca Energy offsets 100% of the carbon released by its natural gas customers.