Find Your Comfort Zone

We’re asked to challenge our comfort zone every day – face our fears, take a little risk, and deal with uncertainty. But when it comes to the unpredictable cost of energy and the uncertainty of your family’s monthly natural gas bill, we think you should enjoy a little predictability.

Know exactly what you’ll pay for heating each month – year-round. Locally owned and operated Deca Energy Inc. will help you receive natural gas under its all-inclusive risk-free Comfort Zone service plan. Deca Energy will help your family secure the lowest natural gas prices regardless of how cold the winter might be or how high natural gas prices may rise. And, unlike the budget billing plan offered by Washington Gas, Deca Energy will never send you a true-up bill. A customized Comfort Zone service plan allows you to receive all of your natural gas for a flat monthly fee for one or two years. Your unique price is based on your household’s natural gas usage over the past year and natural gas market expectations. All-inclusive price covers commodity, distribution, balancing and all taxes.

Enjoy a little predictability with the simplicity and value provided under our Comfort Zone service plan.